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News from 25.06.2009

The Government of Moldova is ready to buy �INVESTPRIVATBANK� by the single lot with the help of �Banca de Economii�, in which the state owns a controlling stake.

As it is noted in the message of the press service of the Cabinet of ministers, during the meeting chaired by the Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanii with the President of the National Bank of Moldova Leonid Talmaci, the President of �Banca de Economii � Grigorii Gachcevici and others, it was decided all assets and liabilities of the liquidated �Investprivatbank� will pass to �Banca de Economii�. Thus, the depositors of �Investprivatbank�will automatically become the depositors of �Banca de Economii�. This will protect the rights of all depositors. The Prime Minister of Moldova Zinaida Greceanii addressed to all the depositors and customers of �Investprivatbank� to show understanding, noting that state guarantees safety of all deposits placed in the named bank.
Source: www.infomarket.md

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